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Atomic swap: How to transfer NOAHP to ERC-20 NOAHP

Atomic swap: How to transfer NOAHP to ERC-20 NOAHP

Recently, the Noah Project announced the reissuing of NOAHP in ERC-20 compatible form via an atomic swap. Thus, 30 billion old NOAHP coins were burnt to initiate future adaptations of blockchains.

It is a huge step towards the global adaptation of the project with other blockchains as it makes the listing actually possible. Why is it important? And how can you transfer NOAHP to ERC-20 NOAHP?

Let’s find out.

What is atomic swap?

Atomic swap is a peer-to-peer exchange that allows the swap of cryptocurrencies from one party to another. With atomic swap, you don’t have to go through a third-party service like a crypto exchange. You have full control of your private keys during this entire process.

Atomic swaps take place directly between blockchains of different cryptocurrencies.

They can also be conducted off-chain, away from the main blockchain.

Why does ERC-20 compatible NOAHP coin make the listing possible?

The creation of an ERC-20 compatible NOAHP coin cancels the need for the Noah Blockchain protocol implementation. The new form allows any person to list the Noah Project’s native coin on any DEX in the market. 

That’s how we’ll implement the free circulation of NOAHP.

The major benefits of the NOAHP migration:

  • Migration of NOAH coin onto other blockchains

This enables the new NOAHP coin to be listed on DEXes.

  • The first step for scaling NOAHP

Expanding the Noah Project into the world crypto market is one of the goals of the Noah management team.

  • Sustainable growth of the ecosystem

A growth in popularity will lead to bigger profits. 

How to transfer NOAHP to ERC-20 NOAHP

  1. Transfer tokens from your Noah Custodian Wallet to this address:


Or transfer tokens from your BTCNEXT  wallet to this address:


  1. Fill in this form:

You’ll have to mention the following:

  • Your registered Noah Custodian Wallet (Noah.Platinum Wallet 0.93) Email address 
  • Your Noah Custodian (Noah.Platinum Wallet 0.93) Wallet address 
  • Amount of NOAHP to be transferred 
  • Your Telegram account address (starts with @)
  • Your NOAHP ERC-20 address 
  • The transaction hash (starts with nhtrn). It’s obligatory requirement 

Please take into account that all transactions are processed within 24 hours.

Please also note that a Commission in NOAHP will be charged to pay the GAS fee of the transaction on the Ethereum network. The Commission may change in accordance with the load on the Ethereum network.

How to transfer ERC-20 NOAHP to NOAH Custodian Wallet v.093

3. Transfer tokens from your ERC-20 NOAHP address to this address:


Wait for the transaction to receive a hash.

Send us ( @noahsupport_DPoS ) the tx hash and the address of your NOAH Custodian Wallet (it starts with “nhwlt…”)

Noah’s management team is about to continue the expansion of the Noah Project out to trustful and promising DEXes by using the potential of ERC-20 NOAHP.

The Noah team truly believes this will become a catalyst for a token price increase. 

Stay tuned for more updates.

ERC-20 NOAHP coin details:

Noah Blockchain ecosystem: