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BNX and QDAO bonuses have been credited to Early Investors

BNX and QDAO bonuses have been credited to Early Investors

On August 15th 2021, we credited BNX and QDAO tokens to BNX/QDAO Early Investors and Patriot Citizens. This is how we express our deepest gratitude to you. Please check and see if you’ve received your well-deserved bonus.

Traditions should be followed. Every year, we distribute a bonus to Early Investors – 2021 is no exception. Thank you for your support and contribution to the development of our projects.

Bonus size

  • Patriots received 20% of the cost of acquiring citizenship in BNX/QDAO tokens
  • Early Investors (participants of BNX/QDAO sales) received 10% of the cost of citizenship, which they bought with BNX/QDAO

If you did not manage to apply for the BNX and QDAO bonus or for any reason did not receive it – please do not hesitate to let us know by contacting John Forbes on Telegram. He will be able to help you.

Stay tuned for some juicy updates later this year. We are working hard to bring our projects to new heights. Thanks once again, your support means a lot to our team!

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