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Changes in Coinsbit listing: the pair for staking is NOAHP/USDT

Changes in Coinsbit listing: the pair for staking is NOAHP/USDT

The Noah project is always striving to make NOAHP and all the products as in-demand and as useful as they possibly can. To this end, in January, the company’s native coin was listed on Coinsbit.

However, there have been some changes made concerning the pair. Instead of the previously announced NOAHP/ETH pair, the NOAHP/USDT pair has been launched.

What is Coinsbit?

The creation of the ERC-20 compatible NOAHP coin cancels the need to implement the Noah Blockchain protocol. Thus, any user is able to list the native coin of Noah Project on any DEX in the market. 

In case you have not yet converted your NOAHP into the compatible ERC-20 form, we’ve prepared a detailed manual. 

Our teams are always doing everything in their power to maximize the number of ways in which NOAHP can be used. That’s why we’re constantly looking for listings on promising exchanges and other partnership possibilities for our products. 

For instance, BTCNEXT, one of the top exchanges in the league, supports NOAHP ERC-20 coin all the way. The Noah management team wishes you good hunting in your trading!

Noah Blockchain ecosystem channels:

Telegram for the English speaking community.

Telegram, LINE or LINE OPEN CHAT for the Japanese speaking community.