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Proposal to launch ‘DeFi Yield Farming’ and ‘Liquidity mining’ for NOAHP coins on top blockchains

Proposal to launch ‘DeFi Yield Farming’ and ‘Liquidity mining’ for NOAHP coins on top blockchains

The crypto industry is very volatile and can be receptive to many external and internal factors. To date, the current price of the Noah Decentralized State Coin (NOAHP) is too low. This fact has led to us finding a way to solve the problem of the market roller-coaster, since crypto investors are not motivated to buy NOAHP tokens, given their low price.

This is why Noah Project’s management has decided to inject some attractive incentives like ‘DeFi Yield Farming’ and ‘Liquidity mining’ to create stability and demand for the native coin.

Noah Project’s solution to this problem is to put the following implementations to a vote:

  1. Increase the price of NOAHP tokens to 3-5 satoshi in 1 year.
  2. Create organic demand for buying NOAHP tokens.
  3. Bring more users to the NOAHP ecosystem, to motivate new users to buy NOAHP tokens and provide incentives to hold NOAHP tokens.

Target audience

The Noah project team plans to initiate the voting soon and its positive results that will attract the attention of many influential investors, including:

  • Crypto investors from top blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, etc. who are familiar with Yield Farming \ Liquidity mining.
  • Any crypto investors who want to get yield profit.

The Noah project is submitting a proposal to launch ‘DeFi Yield Farming’ and ‘Liquidity mining’ for NOAHP coins on top blockchains. The vote will help to increase the demand for NOAHP coin which will drive NOAHP prices up. 

Proposed solution

  1. To launch NOAH Staking / Delegating / DeFi Farming activities on top blockchains. This activity is called ‘DeFi Yield Farming’ or ”Liquidity mining’ (learn about this concept).
  2. To bring in the current NOAHP community as the first participants of ‘Liquidity mining’ in order for them to bene
  3. fit from the maximum yield (the first participants will be able to get the maximum amount of returns).
  4. To provide additional incentive to NOAH Citizens.
  5. To reduce delegating rewards on Noah Blockchain and Noah Wallet and to re-allocate these rewards to other blockchains (in order to motivate current NOAHP users to try ‘Liquidity mining’ on many new blockchains).

Expected outcome by stages:

1) Stage Alfa testing (testing stage for limited amount of people):

  • Current NOAHP holders choose the blockchain to start “Staking \ DeFi Farming \ Delegating” (Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, etc.)
  • Current NOAHP holders move a small amount of their NOAHP to the new blockchain and try to use “Staking \ DeFi Farming \ Delegating”.

2) Stage Beta testing (testing stage for all NOAHP holders)

  • Shifting ‘delegating & staking rewards’ from Noah Blockchain and Wallet to new Blockchains (in order to encourage more new investors to participate in ‘Liquidity mining’ / ‘DeFi Farming’).
  • Current NOAHP holders increase their deposits in NOAHP tokens on new blockchains. Now they have sufficient knowledge about ‘Liquidity mining’. 
  • Current NOAHP holders receive profit that’s equal to what they got before via ‘NOAHP delegating’.
  • Introducing increased rewards for Noah Citizens. 

3) Stage Gamma (main launch stage for any crypto investor)

  • Any crypto investor can buy NOAHP and participate in ‘Liquidity mining’.
  • New Crypto Investors from all over the world join ’Liquidity mining’ by staking their NOAHP tokens and earning yield.
  • The demand to buy NOAHP increases. Investors want to get access to profitable Staking \ DeFi Farming. 

Help to increase the demand for NOAHP coin which will drive the NOAHP price up. Vote ‘YES’ if you want to support the launch of ’DeFi Yield Farming’ and ‘Liquidity mining’ for NOAHP coins on top blockchains!

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