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Already passed KYC? Get your plastic Noah Payment Card today!

Already passed KYC? Get your plastic Noah Payment Card today!

The Noah Project is aware that you’ve been waiting for updates about Noah Payment Cards. We finally have great news to share with our huge community!

We are overjoyed to announce that the second 70 plastic NOAH cards have already been sent to their happy owners, all over the world!

The deliveries will take place before the end of March.

How to get your plastic Noah Payment Card

If you want to get your card, you need to go through the simple KYC procedure via our official partner’s TTMBANK website.

Check out the detailed manual explaining all the stages of the KYC process, including passport and photo verification.  As soon as you go through the KYC process, contact John Forbes on Telegram. 

That’s it! You’ll be the happy owner of a Noah Payment Card!

NB! All metal cards will be issued in the color black. We are deeply sorry to those who ordered a gold card and will do our best to make sure these changes don’t spoil your impression.

All the metal cards will be sent to users in April. 

We always strive to stay in contact with our community and to prove that our news is not just words on paper. That’s why the distribution of Noah Payment Cards is a great way to show the strong physical bond between the management team and all our users. Thanks for your support!’- the Noah Project management team. 

Noah Blockchain ecosystem channels:

Telegram for the English speaking community.

Telegram, LINE or LINE OPEN CHAT for the Japanese speaking community.