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How to participate in token sales on Noah Launchpad

How to participate in token sales on Noah Launchpad

As was promised, development of the Noah Launchpad is continuing. We’re close to the release date now and so it’s a good time to explain how it’s going to work and how you can participate in the token sales. Here’s a short guide to Noah Launchpad’s basics.

What Noah Launchpad is

A launchpad is a platform that allows investors to buy the cryptocurrencies of new projects before they become publicly available. They help new projects with their crowd sales and give investors the opportunity to buy tokens at their lowest prices.

Noah Launchpad is a token sale platform within the Noah ecosystem in which use of NOAHP will be one of the requirements for participation. NOAHP holders will get the chance to invest in new promising projects.

The participation process will be divided into several stages. The first and main one is NOAHP staking. Only those who stake the required amount will be eligible to join the sales. The final allocation size for each user will directly depend on their share in the general pool.


Let’s take a look at a scenario where there are 3 users in the pool:

  • Haruto stakes 100,000 NOAHP, Minato stakes 50,000 NOAHP and Mey stakes 100,000.
  • The total stake is 250,000 NOAHP.
  • Both Haruto and Mey will be eligible to purchase 40% of the allocation as each of them is staking 40% of the pool.
  • Minato will be eligible for 20% of the allocation, using the same logic.

This is a simplified example because in reality, hundreds and thousands of NOAHP holders will take part in the staking.

Staking conditions

When staking, your NOAHP will be locked for a specific period of time. The locking period will be approx. several weeks. NOAHP can only be withdrawn after the lock period ends. This stage of the staking takes place regardless of the token sale availability.

Stages of token sale

  1. Registration. The fundraising campaign launch. NOAHP holders must declare their participation by registering. Token staking is a prerequisite for registration.
  2. Purchase. Users will be shown their allocation, which will depend on their total share in the pool and the ability to redeem tokens for stablecoins.
  3. Token claim. This could follow immediately after the sale or after a vesting period. In this case, tokens will be released in stages (e.g. 10% of tokens unlocked every 10 months). These parameters are set by the project that is conducting the token sale.

The sale process could last from several hours to several days.

Noah Launchpad is almost ready!

Once the Noah Launchpad development stage is complete, we will provide more detailed instructions with pictures explaining all the processes step-by-step. In the meantime, we’re doing our best to introduce Noah Launchpad to NOAHP holders as soon as possible. 

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