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The Land Purchase roadmap publication date is delayed

The Land Purchase roadmap publication date is delayed

Dear Users! 

The Noah project team wants to bring your attention to the news that the Land Purchase roadmap release date has been delayed, due to the complexity of all the preliminary processes.

However, we are doing everything in our power to finish the roadmap as quickly as possible.

When did the vote for the Land Purchase happen?

The global vote on Noah City’s future took place on September 25, 2020. There were 3 options available:

  • Land Purchase
  • Digital City
  • Island Purchase

With the Land Purchase, all NOAH holders and citizens will have the right to invest in the business so as to generate further real income.

Every NOAHP coin will have some profit-sharing attached to it when invested.

After examining the detailed presentation, Noah citizens voted for the Land Purchase choice.

Then on December 17 2020, a vote to decide in which country to make the Land Purchase was held. 

There were 5 options available:

  • The Philippines
  • Montenegro
  • Malaysia
  • Portugal
  • I want another option

Malaysia won with 460 votes. We are deeply grateful to all the citizens for their active participation! The Noah project team congratulates you with making this final decision and promises to finish the roadmap as soon as all the preliminary processes are established.

Why is the roadmap date delayed?

The organization of all the processes took  much more time than we estimated it would. We are strengthening the staffing of lawyers and joining efforts to speed up the process but as yet, it’s still not quite enough.

We’ll inform you all of the exact date of the publication for the Land Purchase roadmap in a separate announcement or during the stream nearest to the date.

Thanks again for your patience and never stop believing!

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