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New NFT Noah passports are on the way!

New NFT Noah passports are on the way!

The Noah project is aware of the fact that many of you haven’t received your passports yet.

However, we are overjoyed to announce the new NFT technology that will be the basis for our new passports. This implementation is a result of the successful NFT campaigns we ran for the crypto community and the impact that this technology has had on the whole system.

The essence of NFTs

A non-fungible token (NFT) is an asset that serves as verifiable proof of authenticity and ownership of something, within a blockchain network.  NFTs are often used by decentralized applications (dApps). They allow the creation and ownership of unique digital items and collectibles.  NTF ownership provides rights to both physical and non-physical objects or benefits. 

Why are new passports important?

The Noah team advises you to get the new passport as soon as possible as having it entitles you to a lot of new opportunities, benefits and bonuses on the Noah platform. Moreover, Noah City will soon be transformed into a DeFi city where the new NFT passport will be your guarantee of entrance into a fantastic new digital world!

How to get new NFT passport

To date we support two blockchains – Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. 

To get the new NFT passport, write to @John_Forbes in Telegram and send your Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum address.

We always strive to implement new features into our products to make the digital world a cosy, safe and profitable place for all our citizens. Your NFT passport support is a great sign of our trust and common views on the future we are about to give to our newly transformed Noah DeFi society’- states the project’s management team. 

New NFT passports will be ready approximately in four weeks.

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