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Noah Achievements: a new way to emphasize your contribution

Noah Achievements: a new way to emphasize your contribution

The Noah community is putting a lot of effort into making the Noah Project a better place. We see that and want to highlight the contribution of each member. That’s why we are launching a new awesome feature – Noah Achievements. It goes live on Wednesday, November 4th!

Noah Achievements is your personal way to track how well you are doing as a Noah community member. Most of your actions within the Noah ecosystem will be noted: voted 1 time – get an achievement; buy Noah citizenship – get another one! Check out all of them on the Noah Achievements page in Noah Custody Wallet.

There are 34 achievements available at the moment. They are displayed in the form of colourful badges (just like the ones you get upon Noah Citizenship accrual). Some achievements can be attained by all members but there are some specific and more valuable ones that are only available to Noah citizens and BTCNEXT Angels.

You can always compare your results with the rest of the Noah community. There is a section at the top of the page that says how good your rating is and what percentage of users are not as cool as you are.

Many Noah Achievements have several levels, e.g. number of delegators:

  1. 10 Delegators
  2. 100 Delegators
  3. 1000 Delegators

This achievement will change automatically whenever you reach the required stats. The process works in the same way for similar Noah Achievements. Some achievements can be acquired after contacting support, e.g. mini-meetups participation achievement. Every achievement has a detailed description of what you must do to obtain it.

We feel that Noah Achievements will add some fun and competitive spirit to our beloved community. It’s also a good way to emphasize the achievements of each individual member of the Noah community. We see all your contributions and it’s our way of saying thank you! But enough talking – let’s go and unlock all the Noah Achievements!

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