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The first 100 Noah virtual payment cards have been sent to Premium card holders!

The first 100 Noah virtual payment cards have been sent to Premium card holders!

Dear community! The Noah project has some good news to share with you!

We expect that you’ve already received a letter inviting you to register a new account on the official TTMBANK site and be issued with a new free Noah virtual payment card.

In case you bought a card but didn’t receive the corresponding letter, you can register on the official TTMBANK site and ask the support team to  issue you with a virtual card. We’ve already sent the first 100 Noah virtual payment cards to Premium card holders.

A new party is about to be delivered at the beginning of November 2020.

How to transfer the balance from your old Noah payment card to the new one 

  1. Contact the Embily or TTMBANK sites’ support team and send them your email address (if you changed it, send both the old and new one to help the support team identify your previous account).
  2. Specify which card you want to transfer your balance to (the virtual or physical one). 

Attention: keep in mind that card number, CVV and other card parameters differ. You can have both the virtual and physical cards attached to one account, but their balances differ. That’s why it is important to specify the type of the card you wish to transfer your balance to.

Get a $25 bonus!

We remind you that the card owners who had to wait for the card change will have $25 sent to their card as a bonus for the inconvenience caused.

If you’re already using Noah virtual payment card and Apple Pay, please send your experience review to Noah support. This can help us to improve the performance of the system.

We highly appreciate your patience and full support in improving the Noah payment card system. We are doing our best to develop the service and make it the best on the market. 

Noah Blockchain ecosystem:

Telegram for the English speaking community.

Telegram, LINE or LINE OPEN CHAT for the Japanese speaking community.