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Welcome to Noah City on the Cosmos Network!

Welcome to Noah City on the Cosmos Network!

2021 begins with another cosmic success story for the Noah project. As of now, Noah Blockchain is hereby presented on the Cosmos Network! This is a huge step for all our community and here’s why.

What is Cosmos Network?

Cosmos Network is the most scalable and interoperable ecosystem of connected blockchains. The main difference between Cosmos Network and other projects is that before this platform existed, blockchains couldn’t interact.

Cosmos also solves the problem of small numbers of transactions per second in blockchain networks through a new technical vision.

It uses Tendermint BFT, a solution that packages the networking and consensus layers of a blockchain into a generic engine. Tendermint BFT allows developers to focus on application development as opposed to the complex underlying protocol.

What is Noah Blockchain?

Noah Blockchain is a public blockchain network in which the Platinum company participates on par with other users.

It uses Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithms as its basis. Blockchain drives the Noah Project, enabling the smooth sending of transactions and all other processes in the network.

One of the most important things is that Noah blockchain is a community concern. Node support, mining and any implementation of updates are the users’ tasks. So developers can only help the community with implementation of updates by working with code. All the power goes to the community.

Furthermore, the Noah team issues the native NOAHP coins. The creation of the ERC-20 compatible NOAHP coin cancels the need for the implementation of the Noah Blockchain protocol. Thus, any user is able to list the native coin of Noah Project on any DEX in the market. 

Each member of the Noah community has the power to influence the project’s development vector. Voting Power is determined by the status of a citizen. Each Noah citizen also has the power to bequeath assets using the Noah Heritage option. One doesn’t have to pay taxes for the process, which makes this capability very useful. 

There are also two convenient user-friendly instruments that work with the Noah Blockchain:

Cosmos Network is a very profound platform for our project, however, it’s only the starting point for us within this sphere. We’ll continue to develop our ecosystem and we’ll keep on searching for comfortable and innovative cross-chain solutions for Noah City! 

New Noah Blockchain ecosystem: