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Noah DAO supports the provision of Public Goods!

Noah DAO supports the provision of Public Goods!

The vote to determine whether Noah Project should branch out in the direction of public goods, longevity, bio-engineering, medical patents and lifesaving research is over! 96% of voters supported the proposal.

Noah City is on the verge of huge changes. The transition to Noah DeFi City will affect many products and open up new opportunities. One such opportunity is the provision of public goods. Noah Project will delve into the business surrounding longevity research, intellectual property (IP), medical patents and much more!

It’s our pleasure to announce, that the proposal was supported by 96% of the voters – that’s almost a unanimous decision:

The community’s support is extremely important before implementing such an ambitious project. Public goods is a direction that benefits each and every one of us! We recognize longevity research, IP and NFT patents as the next bright chapter in Noah DeFi City’s history book.

Members of Noah DAO will be able to directly influence the financing of scientific projects, become co-owners of their intellectual property and contribute to the development of the most important area of medicine – longevity. Perhaps, it’s thanks to Noah DAO that humanity will pave the road to life extension.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to every Noah community member who took part in the vote. Noah City can be called a true DAO – all the decisions are made through fair votes! We will continue to share more information on public goods and longevity – stay tuned!

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