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The new NOAH Payment VISA card is already available

The new NOAH Payment VISA card is already available

Dear Community!

We are glad to announce the new NOAH Payment VISA card!

It is a new prepaid card released by the Waletto Lithuanian company in partnership with B-I-G.PRO (Embily, TTMBANK trademarks). All preordered cards will be changed to this brand new card. 

Currency of the new NOAH Payment VISA card

The main currency is the Euro (€). Card renewal is available in BTC, ETH, USDT and USDT (OMNI). You can always track the current USD conversion in your account.

New NOAH Payment VISA card characteristics

  • You can use the new NOAH Payment VISA card at any point of sale and ATM machine. The conversion into local currency is processed according to the FX commission.
  • There is a possibility of issuing a virtual card connected to your account. It has its own balance and renewal address. Both physical and virtual cards can be connected to the same email address. 
  • It is supported in Apple Pay, so you can shop online at any time. 

NB! It’s not a crypto wallet. The new NOAH Payment VISA card is just a simple bank card that you can renew with cryptocurrency. 


Top-up fee – 4.5%  

Top-up fee for premium cards  – 3%

Card monthly fee – €2.00

ATM Balance Enquiry – €1.00

ATM disbursement (cash withdrawal) – 2.00%

POS successful transaction – €0.25

Card to card transfer – €2.00

FX (Foreign Transaction Fee) – 1.50%

Card activation fee – €0.00


Maximum card balance – €5000 

Online shopping (e-commerce) daily/monthly limit – €2500 / €5000

POS-terminal shopping daily/monthly limit – €2500 / €5000

ATM cash withdrawal daily/monthly limit – €500 / €2500

KYC and registration process

The registration of a new user takes place on the TTM Bank site

The KYC process is provided by Ondato, a respected and experienced team of professionals who deal with different kinds of authorizations.

From now on, you can only use the Passport and ID in English to go through the KYC process. 

Follow the link to get the full account and Apple Pay registration instructions.

Noah Blockchain ecosystem:

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Telegram, LINE or LINE OPEN CHAT for the Japanese speaking community.