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Noah Project to turn into a diverse DeFi ecosystem

Noah Project to turn into a diverse DeFi ecosystem

Hello everyone! We can’t thank you enough for your support. Together, we have achieved astonishing results, including the creation of a blockchain, custody and much more!

What has been achieved by the Noah Project

The last two years were extremely productive for the Noah Project. Since the Platinum team has taken charge of the development process, it’s achieved truly incredible results.We have:

  • Breathed second life into Noah Project. Initially, the project was an empty shell without any products. Our team conducted an audit of the project, prepared a development plan and started creating products. 
  • Developed Noah Custody Wallet with its diverse services. One by one, we’ve developed new products to provide Noah community members with as many opportunities as possible. Our team has created a voting system, a bounty service, an Inheritance feature and given its users the ability to passively earn money on DeFi and Delegation, improve their status and much more!
  • Created a separate and unique Noah Blockchain. We have developed a stable and fast blockchain based on а Cosmos and Tendermint. Unique services have also been launched, including giving you the ability to create your own coins and earn with NOAHP coins.
  • Made the Noah ecosystem viable and strong. Our team has prepared the products necessary for the stable growth of Noah Project in the future.

But what’s more important, we introduced the concept of Noah City – a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) community where every member has an electronic signature, is verified, can participate in governance via the voting process and be involved in the project’s development. Noah City has been built through the efforts of the community. The opinion of each user is valid and important to us!

Our team spent over a year developing the project by hand, together with our esteemed community. We introduced a new financial model, always listening to the voice of the community (thanks to the governance system) and together we developed the initial concept into something bigger and better.

In less than a year, Noah City grew to over 3,000 citizens of different levels and the Noah community united over 30,000 people from all across Japan. The Platinum team is proud of these results! Noah City reached an important milestone – finishing the digital infrastructure. Our DAO decided through a democratic voting process to develop Noah City into an independent Land state. Our team was excited about the great prospects and potential scale of Noah City. But then COVID-19 gripped the world. 

As you may know, the pandemic is establishing new rules already. It has influenced both the world economy and the ability to travel across the globe. 

The movement will still be restricted for the next few years. That’s why we decided to create a decentralized ecosystem and a DeFi city. This is what we can realistically achieve under today’s circumstances.

Why we must stop the Noah Land development

For a while, the Noah Land concept development has stopped, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of the Land purchase, Noah City will move to a fully digitalized form that tightly integrates with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technologies. The development process has already begun!

The Land Purchase option requires our physical presence in Malaysia and a titanic amount of work, especially legal. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no chance for us to fly across the globe, hold business meetings and negotiate the purchase of land. We are truly sorry that it has come to this, but we can no longer pursue the Noah Land idea. All activities to this end have therefore been stopped.

NOAHP is moving to multichain

To date, there are a lot of blockchains with different benefits on the market. However, we won’t compete with other platforms, we will use their benefits in our ecosystem instead. We admit that we chose the wrong way at first, and thank you for making us realize this. We will develop products based on different blockchains to develop our own ecosystem. This will help us to considerably enlarge the size of the community that uses the Noah ecosystem. And the first blockchain we’ll use will be Ethereum.

The biggest platform for DeFi right now is Ethereum. The Ethereum network has become more stable and scalable, its developers have managed to reduce the fees and the EIP-1559 update will further improve the network. The ecosystem of DeFi products on Ethereum continues to actively develop.

Why DeFi is so promising

Our DAO decided to move towards DeFi solutions due to their game-changing nature. The birth of Decentralized Finance’s popularity took place back in 2020. The market grew from $1.5 billion to $150 billion in a single year, which indicates the great potential of this technology. Now, DeFi’s popularity is equal to Bitcoin’s. By 2025, most financial services will become DeFi and Noah City has a head-start on the action and a fantastic opportunity to lead this race.

The Noah ecosystem has the biggest crypto community in Japan. There’s demand from outside projects for Japanese users. They want to market and offer their products there. Once the transition to Noah DeFi City is implemented, it will expand the use cases of the NOAHP token. 

In the near future, we will be launching a series of DeFi products that will help to develop our ecosystem and bring more users into our community.

Instead of a Noah Land City, we will develop the Noah Project as part of a DeFi and NFT ecosphere. We want our beloved project to become a Noah DeFi City that includes the best DeFi services:

  • Noah Launchpad
  • Farming and staking pools

NB! if you join the NOAHP-BNB, QDAO-BNB or BNX-BNB pools, you’ll get a very valuable coin farming bonus! 

  • Noah Bridge
  • NFT market

…and more!

Noah Launchpad development 

Noah Launchpad will become the first new product to be developed. Launchpad is going to be a fundraising platform. Users will stake NOAHP to participate in the token allocations of new projects. In fact, this will create a demand for NOAHP because users will not be able to invest in promising projects without holding our token.

Additionally, Noah Launchpad will give the Noah community an excellent opportunity to make money on new projects as you are already NOAHP holders, which means you can participate in fundraising rounds without any limitations.

Thus, we are building up the value of the coin as more users will have to stake NOAHP.

These particular steps will help Noah Project and Noah City to become even more reliable, it will attract new users and increase the price of the NOAHP coin. Our team is doing its best to ensure that Noah DeFi City becomes a successful international project. We sincerely hope to receive your understanding and help!

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