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Noah Project Update #34

Noah Project Update #34

Great updates are coming your way! The Noah Project gets better every day. This time we’ve prepared something interesting: the new Noah Payment Cards, the United Authorization Center as well as results of the global vote on Noah City’s future. Check out all the updates right now!

Crypto news background

The crypto market is back on track! We witnessed 7 days of solid growth and this is not the end. Maybe this time we will see a new height for Bitcoin. Let’s discuss the main events of the past few weeks:

  • Bitcoin managed to break through the $11,000 resistance area. Now, the main cryptocurrency has settled above the $11,500 mark and is ready to storm the $12,000 point.
  • McAfee finished badly. The adventures of an extraordinary investor ended in a lawsuit. He has already been arrested and will soon be deported to the United States from Spain. This time he will not get out dry.
  • NFT is becoming a new driver for the DeFi market. The crypto community sees the great potential for Non-fungible tokens to change the financial landscape. Presently, NTF’s are widely used in the gaming industry and new products like insurance and lending are getting more popular every day.

Bitcoin seems strong in its desire to move up. We could even reach the $13,000 mark but should expect a deep correction right after.

Noah Project news

The previous two weeks were fantastic and we did everything to make these ones the same! Presenting our biggest updates:

The new Noah Payment VISA card

We are glad to announce the new NOAH Payment VISA card! It is a new prepaid card released by the Waletto Lithuanian company in partnership with B-I-G.PRO (Embily, TTMBANK trademarks). All pre-ordered cards will be changed to this brand new card.

The virtual Noah Payment Card

Our team is glad to present the new virtual Noah Payment Cards! All owners of the old cards are guaranteed to receive this card which is connected to their physical one. More details here.

NOAHP delisted from QDAO DeFi’s deposit products

The Noah management team decided to delist NOAHP coin from QDAO DeFi’s deposit products on October 8th. The main reasons are the growing need/demand for Delegation, the ERC-20 NOAHP coin launch and the development of new opportunities. All users stopped receiving profit on the NOAHP they hold.

Global vote on Noah City’s future

The voting is over! The Vote concluded with the “Land Purchase” option. Now, we will continue discussing all possible systems and lands for purchase, the tokenomics and other components. Stay tuned for more details!

Noah Passports

We’ve sent another 240 passports to citizens from all over Japan. Soon, we will be launching a contest for everyone who has already received their passport. Let’s celebrate together!

Early investors payments

We had a special offer for BNX and QDAO buyers. Therefore, we are starting to make payments to early investors in BNX and QDAO (not to Patriots).

NOAHP has been listed on MooniSwap and SushiSwap exchanges

  We are glad to announce that a pool NOAHP-ETH is now available on new decentralized exchanges.  MooniSwap and SushiSwap  are the next generation of the AMM exchanges with virtual balances, enabling liquidity providers to capture profits otherwise captured by arbitrageurs. You can find NOAHP-ETH easily – on MooniSwap on SushiSwap

The United Authorization Center

The Noah development team is delighted to announce the creation of a United Authorization Center for some of the relevant services we offer. Only one login and password will be needed to access   our platforms, including Noah Wallet, QDAO DeFi and the Forum.

We are happy to share such great news with you! Hopefully, you liked it! Don’t forget to come right back in two weeks for more valuable updates.

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