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Noah Project Update #36

Noah Project Update #36

We’re back with awesome updates! The Noah Project has opened itself up to new awesome prospects: the Platinum Forum has been launched, more new Noah Payment Cards are arriving, the Noah Achievements page is implemented and much more! Check out all the updates.

Crypto news background

The crypto market shows impressive results. It grew for two weeks in a row. We saw some new records and bright green lights over the market. Here are the main events of the week:

  • Bitcoin conquered a new all-time-high of 2020 – $15,800. After a short pause, the price of the main cryptocurrency managed to break through the $14,000 resistance level and continue its upward movement. Indexes say the $16,000 mark will be hard to overcome.
  • Bitcoin is considered an alternative to gold. The moment has come. Major players in traditional financial markets and institutions talk about Bitcoin as an efficient and safe alternative to the precious metal.
  • Uniswap can’t handle peoples’ votes. The largest DEX failed the voting for the second time because it didn’t collect the required number of votes. Decentralized governance sounds too difficult for Uniswap at this stage.

Noah Project news

Two fantastic weeks have passed and our Noah community is becoming even stronger, so is the Noah Project. Check out the most valuable updates:

The Platinum Forum

Our team developed the Platinum Forum over the last few months and we’re happy to announce that it’s finished and already live. The launch took place on November 5th. Now, all crucial information about Noah City, BTCNEXT, QDAO DeFi and other projects can be found in one user-friendly place.

Noah Payment Cards are arriving!

Platinum Software Development Company is waiting for the next batch of Noah Payment Cards to be sent. To get your long-awaited card, contact John Forbes in Telegram and the following: 

  • your phone number and full name 
  • delivery address 

Platinum Team’s BIG idea!

We have been preparing for this for a long time and will soon publish our grandiose plan which the Platinum Company has been keeping quiet for a whole year. The puzzle will finally fit into a single picture – don’t miss the updates!

Noah Achievements

We launched a new awesome feature – Noah Achievements. It is your personal way to track how well you are doing as a Noah community member. Most of your actions within the Noah ecosystem will be noted: voted 1 time – get an achievement; buy Noah citizenship – get another one! Check out all of them on the Noah Achievements page in Noah Custody Wallet.

Noah Custody Wallet Updates

Updates of Noah Custody Wallet are coming. We want to make the NOAH CITY and QDAO DEFI interface even more user-friendly. You’ll like it!

Thank you for reaching this point. We are grateful for your infinite support and promise to keep working hard to bring the Noah Project to greatness! Come back in two weeks for more updates.

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