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Noah Project Update #39

Noah Project Update #39

Big updates are here! Noah Project is expanding its borders and providing many promising changes: we released the Land Purchase presentation, published an announcement about our plans and launched two important votes. Check out all the news right now!

Crypto news background

Here are the main events inside the crypto market:

  • The sideways movement finally ended! Bitcoin managed to break the $20,000 mark, reaching $24,000 but dropped to $22,600. The main cryptocurrency movement is unpredictable but we could still go even higher.
  • MicroStrategy has invested an additional $650 million in Bitcoin. The average price of the last purchase was $21,925 per coin, including fees. As of December 21st 2020, MicroStrategy owns approximately 70,470 BTC. Seems like they have a good feeling about that.
  • CBDC is becoming a reality. Many governments are actively developing their own national cryptocurrencies. China is already testing coins under real conditions. At this rate, by 2025, many countries will be able to bring CBDC’s into circulation.

Noah Project news

The last two weeks have been full of exciting updates that bring more prospects to the Noah Project. We are proudly presenting the most valuable ones!

The Land Purchase presentation

We have spent a lot of time and effort researching the option of the Land Purchase implementation. In our detailed presentation for Noah City, we explain the main concept of the Land Purchase: the tokenomics, the 4 land options, ways to generate profit, etc.

Big plans for the Noah ecosystem

We are actively developing all the products within the Noah ecosystem simultaneously. In our big announcement, we share the plans for the future: BTCNEXT 2.0, Noah’s DeFi Ark, Better Noah Blockchain, QDAO DeFi’s partnership with a Swiss company, new listings of NOAHP on different exchanges and much more.

Important votes

We’ve launched two important votes for the Noah community. You can participate via Noah Custody Wallet. The first one is about choosing the country for the Land Purchase. The second one is dedicated to raising NOAH’s popularity in the  Ethereum blockchain.

We will be launching a dividend reduction vote. The reason is simple – high selling pressure. We didn’t predict the full unstake of NOAH coins, which is why the price practically fell to 0. At the moment, the funds have almost 82 billion NOAHP on their balance sheets. We pay about 200 million per day. The total pool will be enough for around a year. If we want to save the Noah Project, we must reduce citizen’s dividends at least by 50%. This vote will be announced soon. We kindly ask you to participate and help us to improve the Noah Project.

Thank you for reading our updates. We are doing everything possible to bring the Noah Project to global success! Come back in two weeks for more updates.

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