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Noah Project Update #40

Noah Project Update #40

Happy New Year friends! We are back with a batch of updates. The Noah community decides the destiny of Noah City through votes and we are proud to have such active users. Check out all the updates!

Crypto news background

Here are the main events inside the crypto market:

  • BTC can’t be stopped! Bitcoin managed to break through the $35,000 mark while everyone is preparing for the correction. It’s still unclear whether BTC will climb higher or if it’s time to go down. In the meantime, altcoins joined the feast.
  • Ripple is under attack. The SEC and Tetragon Financial Group filed a lawsuit against Ripple. The SEC is accusing Ripple of selling $1.3 billion in unregistered securities over seven years. XRP coin lost 62% of its value over the last 30 days.
  • Ethereum finally overcame $1,000. The ETH price began an exponential movement and reached an all-time-high above the $1,150 mark. The coin is heated by the BTC rally and the ETH 2.0 launch.

Noah Project news

We have many valuable updates from within the Noah ecosystem. Here are the most important ones.


The vote for the Land Purchase option is now over. Noah Citizens have chosen Malaysia as the physical location for the Noah City implementation. 460 people (43%) voted for this option. We have already started the next stage of development!

Another crucial vote was concluded regarding the raising of NOAH’s popularity in the Ethereum Blockchain. The Noah community voted for Option D with 327 votes (72%). This option includes Staking and Farming using NOAHP as the means of support to NOAH’s expansion.

There is one more important ongoing vote. We want to stabilize the selling pressure of NOAHP and improve the Noah Project. That’s why we need to reduce the Noah Citizenship Dividends by 60-95%. We kindly ask you to participate and save the Noah Project!

Liquidity mining

We are launching our liquidity mining program and making it available to all NOAHP and QDAO coin holders. We decided to prepare a detailed guide about the topic of liquidity. Read it and start making additional passive profits.

Thank you for reading our updates. We are doing everything possible to bring the Noah Project to global success! Come back in two weeks for more updates.

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