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Noah Project Update #42

Noah Project Update #42

Impressive things are happening within the Noah Ecosystem. The last two weeks were full of hard work and we don’t mind sharing the results: we automated Noah City ICO Dividends, prepared the new service for Noah’s Ark farming and much more! Check out all the updates.

Crypto news background

Here are the main events inside the crypto market:

  • Bitcoin seems doubtful. The main cryptocurrency is stuck. Elon Musk helped BTC to gain $5,000 with his tweet but the bears are pushing it lower and lower. Seems like the bulls have no power left to protect their highs. Soon, the $30,000 support line will fall.
  • Altcoin season is here! While BTC is doing nothing, many altcoins are increasing in value! The most spectacular was the rise of DOGE – +700% in one day. However, the price has already dropped a bit.
  • DeFi boom v2. Most DeFi tokens significantly grew in price over the last two weeks. The total value locked in DeFi reached $27 billion. UNI was the most active gainer – +300% over the last 30 days. AAVE and LINK were gainers too.

Noah Project news

We are doing everything possible to usher in times of greatness for the Noah Project. Here are our biggest updates from the last couple of weeks.

ICO Dividends automatization

We automated the Noah City ICO Dividends program and made the interface more user-friendly. Now, the ICO Dividends window has become more intuitive and smart.

NOAHP ERC-20 listing

We want to remind you of the NOAHP listings on  exchanges:  Digifinex, CoinTiger and CoinsBit. This has all been done for the popularization of the NOAHP coin. Trade our native coin on these exchanges and boost your profits to the max!

Noah City on Cosmos Network

2021 begins with another cosmic success story for the Noah project. As of now, Noah Blockchain is hereby presented on the Cosmos Network! This is a huge step for all our community.

The new service for NOAH’s ARK token farming

We are actively developing the new service to make NOAH’s ARK farming possible. We see the demand for our new token. The service will be ready soon – keep an eye on our updates!

Thank you for reading this update and supporting the Noah Project. Only with common efforts can we make it successful! Come right back in two weeks – we are preparing something special!

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