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Noah Project Update #44

Noah Project Update #44

Another two weeks faded in a blink of an eye! We are working round-the-clock to make the Noah ecosystem even greater! We have a lot of updates to share: the Noah website update, NFT Noah Passports and much more! Find out more below!

Crypto news background

Here are the main events inside the crypto market:

  • Bitcoin finally went down. The main cryptocurrency reached an astonishing height of $58,000 and then drastically dropped to $43,000 within 1 week. Altcoins reacted in the same way, losing 30-50% of their value. The correction will likely continue, despite the BTC price hanging around $49,000 nowadays.
  • MicroStrategy continues to invest in BTC. Recent events in the market can’t stop MicroStrategy’s bosses from investing in Bitcoin. They added another billion USD in Bitcoin to their portfolio. Now they hold over 90,000 BTC!
  • A few DeFi projects were hacked. Firstly, a hacker attacked CREAM Finance and lured away $37.5 million in Ether, USDC, USDT and DAI. It happened in mid-February. Later, the Furucombo team reported that an attacker compromised the DeFi project’s proxy server, causing damages of about $14 million in Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.

Noah Project news

We continue to do our best to bring more prospects to the Noah Project. Here are the most valuable updates from the last two weeks!

Noah DeFi City

As the DeFi trend is only gaining momentum, we too must evolve to keep up! We are pleased to announce the Noah City website update and reveal the DeFi products under development. They will turn Noah City into Noah DeFi City!

New NFT Noah Passports

The Noah Project is aware of the fact that many of you haven’t received your passports yet. However, we are overjoyed to announce that the new NFT technology will be the basis for our new passports.

Noah Blockchain Improvements

The Noah Management team always strives to make the Noah Ecosystem a comfortable place for all users. Noah Blockchain’s core requires global updates as it’s no longer able to withstand the load. Therefore, it is necessary to disable the Noah Tools platform for maintenance from time to time. This is a planned and temporary event.

Refund for Noah Payment Cards

The Noah team takes full responsibility for not getting Noah Payment Cards out to some of its citizens. However, we’ve come to a decision about this situation! Our team is ready to issue a refund to anyone who didn’t get their Noah Payment Cards.

Thank you for reading this update and for supporting the Noah Project. Only with common efforts can we make it successful! Come right back in two weeks – we are preparing something special (again)!

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