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Noah Tools has been improved, the launch is coming soon

Noah Tools has been improved, the launch is coming soon

Great news! We will be finishing the Noah Tools platform improvements next week. We are moving to the new network. Transactions history, balances, statuses, etc., cannot be transferred. But don’t worry, we will restore all users’ balances.

Recently, we announced that we were disabling the Noah Tools platform to carry out maintenance works. Our Noah Blockchain needed some improvements. We are now happy to inform you that the Noah Tools platform will be launched on the new network, after we complete a few necessary changes. All information will remain on the old platform, including transfer history, balance and status. Validators will have to repeat the process to become Validators again in the new network. However, the funds inside users’ accounts will be restored on the new platform.

Funds will be transferred using the following formula:

Funds in the wallet + Funds delegated at the time of the network shutdown (Funds in NOAHP equivalent * [1 + (0.1% * number of days of downtime)])

Your addresses on the new Noah Tools platform will stay exactly the same as before. However, you will need to delegate assets again.

We did not want to change the network but this is a required step. The new Noah Tools will be more stable and attractive. We hope you understand the reason for our decision. Noah Tools will be relaunched next week. See you there, our beloved Noah community!

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