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NOAHP ERC-20 to be listed on the VinDAX exchange

NOAHP ERC-20 to be listed on the VinDAX exchange

The Noah Management team is happy to announce the soon-to-be listing of the NOAHP ERC-20 coin on VinDAX, Top-100 Coinmarketcap exchange. The initial date is set for January 14th. There will be only one pair available – NOAHP/ETH.

The NOAHP listing on the VinDAX exchange is another step in the Noah Project popularization strategy. We expect an increase in the recognizability of our coin. NOAHP ERC-20 is an effective tool for attracting new users into the Noah ecosystem, since it provides additional scalability.


The Noah Management team burned 30 billion NOAHP coins in September and reissued them in ERC-20 compatible form. This was done to assist the coin’s expansion beyond the Noah Blockchain. We have already been listed on top decentralized exchanges (DEX), like Uniswap. 

About VinDax

VinDAX (Vin Digital Asset Exchange platform) is a centralized exchange based in Vietnam. It was launched in March 2019. The VinDAX platform was built to offer features such as trading and data analytics, trading bot functionality and integrated trade signalling for entries and exits. The daily volume of VinDAX exceeds $380 million with a Top-100 ranking on Coinmarketcap’s  Cryptocurrency Spot Exchanges.

Our big goal

Each listing brings us closer to achieving one of our global goals – CoinMarketCap (CMC). We want to get listed there but before that can happen, we must prove NOAHP’s value to the entire crypto community. VinDAX will help us with that. We decided to add only the NOAHP/ETH pair as it is the most popular and viable pairing.

Our mission is simple – to bring NOAHP the greatness it deserves. Uniswap, VinDAX and CMC are the way to get there. The VinDAX listing will take place on January 14th. Keep your eyes on that date!

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