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Official separation from former Noah management and restructuring of Noah Fund usage

Official separation from former Noah management and restructuring of Noah Fund usage

Platinum Q DAO Engineering always acts in favor of the Noah community. 

We are restructuring the Noah Project’s funds and pools to reflect the termination of Noah Foundation’s responsibility for any further development of the Noah City. The restructure will provide more transparency and will remove all barriers between the Platinum engineers and the respected Noah community.

Noah Foundations is out

Noah Foundations is out, what does that mean:

As some of you might already know, Noah Foundation has left the Noah Project after all past events. They no longer own any funds. They had 15,000,000,000 NOAH coins in their pool but it was disbanded recently.

After breaking official relations, Noah Foundation decided to transfer the ownership of their NOAH coins. Noah Foundation has transferred all its NOAH 15,000,000,000 Noah coins to their private initial ico investors with strictly-limited rights. We’ve agreed to this only on special conditions:

-The new owners of NOAH Foundation will have full limitations on their funds 

-They need to pass the KYC procedure. 

-Noah Foundation moves away from the business since they don’t fund it anymore or pay expenses, so they no longer want to take any responsibility and cannot execute any plans.

-New Noah Foundation wallet’s owners cannot withdraw or sell any NOAH from their account and it’s restricted indefinitely due to the high risk.

We stand for the full transparency, so here are the 7 Noah Foundations ex-wallet addresses:








The community sent us requests to show the funds and pools that we’re using for payments and rewards, making this process more transparent. Given all the changes and events, we decided to restructure the funds.

Noah Project Actual Funds

Given the above, we have only 3 main funds left. The addresses of the funds are publicly available, like any other data on the Noah blockchain. For your information. here are all the funds’ addresses:

  • Platinum Q DAO Engineering (under DRF governance)

Only the unstaked amount of NOAH is shown. This fund is used to pay QDAO DeFi income and Noah Dividends (which have not been distributed yet). Address:


  • Development Fund

Funds are used for the Voting system and to perform ‘My income’ payments. Address:


  • Liquidity & Community Growth Fund

Funds are used to pay bonuses to meet-up participants, for ministry rewards, employee salaries, as interest to advisers, to Lost and Found unstake, for bounties and for Validation and Delegation. Address:


Payments are performed in mixed mode: part automatically and part manually. We have also created an automated fund – Sending Pool – to simplify the payments process and to provide greater security.

Sending Pool

The Sending Pool is the basic wallet for automated payments. We manually transfer the required amount of assets for a specific purpose from each fund. It gives us the opportunity to provide higher security and additional convenience. This fund contains 1,000,000,000 NOAH coins for such purposes as:

  • ‘My income’ payments
  • Validation and Delegation profit
  • Bounties

Address: nhwltcbc1f5250a97d31c130f2dab87cf80a3a906971c2fa70d9b

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is guided by the principles of transparency and openness. We don’t want to build a barrier between us and the community. Recently, we added the Pulse Statistics feature where every user can check the clear statistics of the Noah Project. You can learn more about this here.

Always remember – our mutual main goal is: 

  • to make Noah City a prosperous project 
  • to make the entire community richer and wealthier!

If anything seems unclear to you, please send your questions to the support line or to the founder of Platinum Engineering – Anton.

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