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Platinum Software Development Company shares its plans for Noah ecosystem development

Platinum Software Development Company shares its plans for Noah ecosystem development

There are many positive things happening in the Noah ecosystem that users can’t see – we’re talking about the development process. But today, we want to announce some crucial and exciting updates for the near future:

  • BTCNEXT 2.0 – more stable, more awesome and more secure (new features included!)
  • Noah’s DeFi Ark – the all-in-one aggregator of Decentralized Finance projects
  • Better Noah Blockchain – to attract more users with its unique opportunities
  • QDAO DeFi’s partnership with a Swiss company to take QDAO DeFi to another level of success
  • New listings of NOAHP on different exchanges
  • A valuable vote for Noah citizens 

…and much more!

Platinum Software Development Company came into the Noah Project when it was at rock bottom. We did everything possible to create a strong and diverse ecosystem of products capable of attracting global interest. And we are following this goal successfully. After Noah Foundation’s exit, we were left without any support. Nevertheless, we cherish the Noah community and can’t let it down! We will continue to support it and develop the Noah ecosystem, even at our own expense. Here are our great plans for the future!


Over the past six months, we have worked hard to develop BTCNEXT 2.0 for our dear NOAH holders. BTCNEXT 2.0 is an exchange of a qualitatively new level. We have:

  1. Drastically improved API
  2. Made a new, intuitive and user-friendly interface
  3. Developed a revolutionary mobile application
  4. Reached the highest possible level of security

We did this all for you! BTCNEXT 2.0 is getting closer to its release date. The first product to see the light will be the BTCNEXT 2.0 application for mobile devices. According to our stats, more than 90% of the exchange’s users have, at least once, accessed BTCNEXT from a mobile device. Two versions have been developed for the convenience of our beloved community: for Android and for iOS. The new exchange will help us to conquer the market and we have one more tricky plan up our sleeve – to create special juicy conditions for NOAHP on the new exchange. Stay tuned for our updates for more details!

Take a look at BTCNEXT 2.0 mobile app in detail:

BTCNEXT 2.0 offers diverse new features to fit your needs: Fast Loans, Staking Pro and many others!

QDAO DeFi development

QDAO DeFi is one of our best products with many unique benefits for NOAH holders and Noah citizens. We have created a super safe platform that helps users to earn passively with just a few clicks. Our efforts are being noticed by big players from the financial industry. Now, these players are seeking a partnership with us. Presently, Platinum Software Development Company is in the process of signing a partnership with a Swiss company that will help us to popularize QDAO DeFi. We will not be stopping the development of QDAO DeFi – it is one of our main goals! We will reveal details of this incredible event a bit later – keep an eye on our updates!

Noah’s DeFi Ark

We are actively developing Noah’s DeFi Ark – our DeFi aggregator. In this rating tool, we gather information from all of the major DeFi, NFT and crypto projects. This will enable us to influence the blockchain realm. Noah’s DeFi Ark is the key factor for Noah Project development in the DeFi direction. This will attract more and more users from all over the world to the Noah ecosystem and help us grow steadily.

NOAHP listing

We are working hard to list the NOAHP coin on new exchanges. This is a long and complex process but we never stop. Listing on new exchanges will open new markets to the Noah community and has the power to raise NOAHP’s price. We will see users of Bittrex and other exchanges coming on board to Noah City. The demand for NOAHP will grow with every new user.

NOAH project White Paper

As for the NOAH Project’s whitepaper – we will announce the whitepaper release date in Q1 2021 once it will be clear with the direction the NOAH project is heading in.

At the current stage, the Platinum team is working hard on the Land Purchase development, which means that there is no time left for the NOAH’s whitepaper, especially once we are launching a few development directions. 

Important vote

We will be launching a dividend reduction vote. The reason is simple – high selling pressure. We didn’t predict the full unstake of NOAH coins, which is why the price practically fell to 0. Therefore, our total supply is not enough and the previous economic model has lost its relevance. There is a point of no return for a price. The more supply, the less demand; with the current level of dividends, the supply increases too quickly.

At the moment, the funds have almost 82 billion NOAHP on their balance sheets. The formula for paying citizenship dividends looks very complicated, it contains many sub-factors, including the BTC rate. Based on optimal calculations, about 200 million NOAH coins are distributed among citizens per day. The formula is as follows:

82 billion / 200 million = 410 days.
+ Every month we have 200 Million ICO Dividends to give away, which subtracts an extra 30 days from this period.

This is roughly 12 months, which means that the total pool will be enough for around a year, after which we would have used up the entire supply, leaving us with nothing. Consequently, in two years, the Noah Project will disappear.

To save the Noah community from holding depreciated assets, we are planning to launch a dividend reduction vote. The options will be as follows:

  • 50% reduction
  • 60%
  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 90%
  • 95%
  • Don’t make changes and leave it as it is.

We sincerely hope we have your understanding and can count on you to make the right choice in order to protect the whole Noah community and give the NOAHP price a chance to rise.

Noah Blockchain updates

But there is more positive news! Noah Blockchain continues its development and we will soon (Q1 2021) release a new Development Roadmap. Big and qualitative changes are coming that will attract even more attention to the Noah Project. We are already making changes to Noah Blockchain and will continue to do so.

New option for QDAO coin

We are actively developing QDAO coin. Now our engineers are developing improvements for the QDAO DeFi system where the QDAO coin will play a crucial role. QDAO holders will get new benefits, bonuses and special offers. The development of the system in this direction will attract a huge number of new users.

Land Purchase

We are working hard on the Land Purchase option chosen by the citizens of Noah City. We have conducted a thorough analysis and have already released a presentation detailing all aspects of this process. Please feel free to read it and discover how much the land will cost, the terms of the project, the level of self-sufficiency and shareholders’ prospects for earning.

Moving in the right direction!

Despite all the difficulties, we are developing our Noah ecosystem and will continue to do so. Every day we are looking for partners; we are constantly holding business meetings and trying to popularize Noah ecosystem products. Most recently, we managed to achieve a  Bankless Noah community. This means that our users can build their own financial independence!

However, many Noah Instructors, due to various circumstances, don’t have the time to support the project. The Noah community, on the whole, isn’t particularly helping us either and the Platinum team is left doing everything themselves. But our powers are limited. Just imagine if one day Platinum Software Development Company had to abandon the Noah Project, what would happen? Noah Project would disappear. Therefore, our main goal is to stay with the Noah community and develop the Noah ecosystem through mutual efforts. Only in this way can we achieve global success!

You can always find all our updates first-hand, just follow these links:

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