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No fuss: just log in and discuss! The detailed Platinum Forum manual

No fuss: just log in and discuss! The detailed Platinum Forum manual

Hello everyone!

As you may already know, the Platinum Forum has absorbed all important information about the Noah, QDAO and BTCNEXT projects. Now, users can find answers to any anticipated questions there, instead of waiting for a response from the support managers in the chat groups. This is the reason why the support chats will be closed on 1st June 2021.

To that end, we decided to create a manual covering all the main steps of registering and using the newly made, user-friendly forum!

Platinum Forum manual

  1. Go to and choose the required category or log in/register as a new user. If you have a custodian wallet, you don’t have to register, just enter the forum using your login and password, facilitated by the United Authorization Center.

2. Log in with your custody wallet data.

3. Accept all the conditions to finish the registration process.

4. And now you’re on the main page of the forum displaying all the categories. Here you can find the answers to all your queries. If there’s anything we’ve missed, feel free to write to our support team.

5. Our forum doesn’t support the switching of languages. That’s why you can find the Japanese version of every topic at the bottom of the main page.

6. You can contact us at any time via this link.

7. Choose the ‘Start new chat with Platinum team’ button and let us know about your issue.

8. You can also edit your profile as you like.

We’re delighted to simplify and unify the process of finding information in our ecosystem.

Keep up with all our updates!

Noah Blockchain ecosystem channels:

Telegram for the English speaking community.

Telegram, LINE or LINE OPEN CHAT for the Japanese speaking community.