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The first batch of NFT passports has been sent!

The first batch of NFT passports has been sent!

The Noah management team is happy to announce that we’ve already sent new NFT Noah passports to their happy owners!

It is a great honor and joy for us to know that our community is satisfied with the processes within our ecosystem.

We do hope that new passports will become another great tool for making your stay on the platform more pleasant and comfortable.

The transaction hashes 






Why are the new passports important?

The Noah team advises you to get the new passport as soon as possible as having it entitles you to a lot of new opportunities, benefits, and bonuses on the Noah platform. Moreover, Noah City will soon be transformed into a DeFi city, where the new NFT passport will be your guarantee of entrance into a fantastic new digital world!

Moreover, the Noah team is a new secret project that is about to add new value to the NFT Noah passports. You’ll get additional benefits and bonuses! So keep up with the news and you won’t miss anything.

The distribution of new NFT Noah passports is another example of profound united work of the whole Noah team. We are sure that these documents will help you to open a brand new DeFi world with all its possibilities and benefits! Enjoy!’- Noah Project Management Team. 

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Telegram, LINE or LINE OPEN CHAT for the Japanese speaking community.