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The launch of the Platinum Forum will affect the number of supported channels

The launch of the Platinum Forum will affect the number of supported channels

Platinum Software Development Company will reduce the number of channels it supports for the QDAO DeFi, Noah and BTCNEXT projects. As of 2nd November, we will only keep on supporting the main ones. The reason behind this decision is the upcoming launch on the Platinum Forum on 5th November.

We are actively expanding our projects into new countries. That’s why the need to optimize all our channels has emerged. Some of the new chats require more attention, while the number of support managers remains the same. But we must stay effective! So we’ve decided to reduce the number of channels we support, ahead of the upcoming launch of the Platinum Forum. Its launch will help streamline the communication processes between the community and the managers while enabling us to maintain 100% control over the situation!

Here is the list of chats and channels we will continue to support:

On another positive note, we are almost done with the Platinum Forum development. The preliminary launch date is November 5th. But it will be more than just a forum – the plan is for it to be a central database. Every user will be able to get the answers they need via its user-friendly interface. So there will be little need to disturb the support managers. The Platinum Forum will contain all the FAQ’s, project details and information on related project services that might be needed for our community to comfortably use any QDAO DeFi, Noah Project and BTCNEXT product.

We are dividing the Platinum Forum into different branches so as to make the navigation as simple as possible. It will take no more than a few minutes roughly to find the information you need. The forum will be available in several languages; the main one is English, the second is Japanese (though other languages can be added as needed). The Platinum Forum is also good for the community as messages can get lost in channel feeds – but not under forum topics.

We want to remind you that we have created the United Authorization Center to simplify the verification processes. The intention is for our users to  easily access all our services (Noah Wallet, QDAO DeFi and Platinum Forum) using just one interface. There will be no need to re-enter your login and password when entering these separate services – it can all be done at once in the United Authorization Center! Read the details using the link above to understand the necessity of this decision.

We are doing our best to make the Noah community stronger. Reducing the number of supported channels is not a step back – it’s needed if we are to provide our users with a higher quality of support and it is especially needed now that we are just days away from the Platinum Forum launch. So stay tuned and let’s get stronger together!

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