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Website update: the first step on the road to Noah DeFi City

Website update: the first step on the road to Noah DeFi City

The DeFi industry is off the starting blocks! Noah City can’t stand aside while this massive trend sweeps through the sector without taking advantage of the opportunities it brings. We are pleased to announce the Noah City website update and reveal the DeFi products under development. They will turn Noah City into Noah DeFi City!

Noah DeFi City is based on the concept of sustainability, so it comes with awesome prospects. Decentralized Finance has just begun its movement and we are ready to lead the charge! Noah City is going to get 6 new incredible DeFi solutions in its arsenal:

  • Noah Farming
  • Noah Lending
  • Noah Multiplication Lock
  • Noah Staking
  • Noah BSC Bridge
  • Noah Land

Product details

Noah Farming

Yield farming or liquidity mining is a way to generate rewards with cryptocurrency holdings. You’ll be able to stake NOAHP and other cryptocurrencies in liquidity pools with a 1:1 ratio to gain substantial profits.

Noah Lending

The automated lending platform. This will provide competitive interest rates for lenders and reasonable fees for borrowers.

Noah Multiplication Lock

An effective booster. Give your NOAHP gains a boost via farming or staking. This service allows you to lock your assets and receive increased rates.

Noah Staking

For a passive income. If you have only NOAHP coins in your account, staking is the way forward. Stake coins to help the stability of Noah Blockchain and receive a passive income in return (similar to Delegation).

Noah BSC Bridge

An effective bridge. This connects Noah Blockchain to Binance Smart Chain, allowing direct interactions between us and our and BSC-based projects. It will lead new users to the Noah Project through our blockchain.

Noah Land

A fully decentralized physical state combining the best from digital and real worlds. We never give up on the initial idea of Noah City and are developing it every day!

We are doing everything possible to keep Noah City up to date. These DeFi solutions will open up new horizons and attract users from different markets. But it all starts with the Noah City website updates. To learn more details about these products and to find out when they will be ready, keep an eye on our updates!

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