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Launch of DeFi Farming for the Noah community

Launch of DeFi Farming for the Noah community

Would you like to earn 10-20% annually in ETHEREUM using your NOAHP and NOAHARK tokens? Now, the NOAHP coin finally has recognition and demand. Introducing “DeFi Yield Farming”!

Welcome to the “DeFi Yield Farming” era!

We are actively developing the service for NOAHARK token farming. It will be available in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, we are testing liquidity staking on Balancer and this is your chance to grant yourself some NOAHARK in the future! All you need to do is add liquidity to the NOAHP-ETH or QDAO-NOAHP pools and wait for the rewards!

We ask you to take action if NOAHARK farming is of interest to you. Liquidity provision is a good indicator. If we get substantial results, we will add new pools and currencies (e.g. Bitcoin) to the mining program.

Estimated profits at this moment:

  • Stake NOAHP+ETH and earn 10-20% APY in Ethereum + 15-45% APY in NOAHARK
  • Stake QDAO+NOAHP and earn 10-20% APY in QDAO + 15-45% APY in NOAHARK

So please consider not selling your NOAHP. You can stake it in DeFi protocols instead and earn ETH. Then you can sell your NOAHP in 2022 (once it grows in price) instead of selling it now. For the moment, hold it, stake it, use DeFi protocols. Get paid in Ethereum.

How it works

When you provide your assets to pools on decentralized exchanges, you will receive fees from all the trades in those pools. You also become a Liquidity Provider and earn LP tokens. Your reward is proportional to your liquidity share in the pool. But if you want to earn NOAHARK rewards, you need to stake LP tokens in the new service. We will introduce this a bit later – keep an eye out for updates.

The only platform currently permitted to participate in this program is Balancer. Only Balancer’s LP tokens can be staked in our future service. But if we see a demand, we will add new DEXs and pools.


Liquidity pool staking

You should stake your tokens in Balancer to join this phase of testing and show your interest. We have prepared an intuitive guide to help you: How to stake on Balancer.

You can start making profits from the exchange fees instantly. Each exchange has its own rates. For Balancer, it’s 10% (the most profitable pools for NOAHP liquidity providers).

While the beta-test is in progress, you can stake up to the equivalent of 20,000 JPY. 


1,250,000 NOAH + 0.07 ETH
1,250,000 NOAHP + 80 QDAO

Therefore, we advise you to start staking right now. If you don’t know anything about liquidity or how to get a crypto wallet, we’ve prepared the perfect series of guides for you: 

Read before investing!

  • You should invest a small amount of money, only what you can afford to lose. Any type of investment is risky.
  • Smart contracts in DeFi can be hacked, even if they were properly made and audited by recognized Solidity auditors.
  • Always do your own research before investing real money.
  • Don’t rush to sell your NOAHARK, it will come in handy for increasing staking rewards.
  • If you are struggling to follow what we are saying here and don’t have a crypto wallet yet, please read our guides – they have been created for your benefit: 

What is “Noah`s Ark” token and what makes it valuable?

The utility of NOAHARK makes this token VALUABLE. 

The DEFLATIONARY MECHANISM of the token also makes it VALUABLE. To discover what deflation is, please check this video guide

The main UTILITY is to pay for the subscription and annual fee of a service called “NOAH`s Ark and Q DeFi Rating”. 

When NOAHARK tokens are used to pay for subscriptions, these tokens are burned – this is called a “DEFLATIONARY MECHANISM for token SUPPLY”.

NOAHARK is a mined token that HAS value. The value of the token directly depends on the current mining difficulty. 

We are considering the possibility of adding a multiplier to increase the profitability of staking LP tokens. We are also thinking of the functionality, allowing the token to be used as collateral for obtaining a loan on the QDAO DeFi platform.

What is the PRICE of “Noah`s Ark” token?

The NOAHARK token has a CREATING “COST” (minting cost) and a “VALUE” (which depends on usability). 

Simultaneously, the NOAHARK token has a MARKET SENTIMENT. If people assume that the token is going to grow, they will hold it longer or start to buy it. If people think the token has no future, they will try to sell it.

The conclusion: (COST + VALUE ) * MARKET SENTIMENT = current market PRICE of NOAHARK token.

Why should I stake my NOAHARK?

  1. Revenues on the Noah Blockchain are now minimal.
  2. If you keep your assets within the chain and don’t stake them (as suggested in the vote:, your assets will be subject to inflation.
  3. You should understand how DeFi farming works first, then start earning in an absolutely honest and decentralized way.

Yes, of course this way of earning may seem difficult. If this is the case for you, please feel free to contact Noah community members who have already started earning or you can contact our support team – we will be happy to help you.

What is a fair launch for “NOAH`s ARK” and “QDeFi Rating”?

How do we distribute rewards to contributors fairly? How can NOAHARK find a relative place with NOAHP?

NOAHP tokens and the previous NOAH tokens were distributed in enormous amounts. Some people bought it very cheap. Some people (especially after the unlocking of all the coins) want to sell it asap.

“Noah`s Ark” is an experiment in “FAIR LAUNCH” and “FAIR DISTRIBUTION”.

What is a “FAIR LAUNCH”? Please read the article by Jay Hao, the CEO of the crypto exchange OKEx:

What is “FAIR DISTRIBUTION”? Please read the article by Pierre Laurent, the co-founder of ATKA:

We strongly recommend that you do not get involved if you are not aware of the risks associated with DeFi crypto protocols.

How can “Noah`s Ark” have a FAIR price?

First of all, NOAHARK token  HAS NO PRICE and no token sale was made. In order to get NOAHARK tokens, you can conduct “LIQUIDITY MINING”. You should take advantage of your ability to use blockchain dApps (such as Uniswap or Balancer) to become a “Liquidity Provider” and then you will receive NOAHARK tokens for FREE.

But you cannot get NOAHARK tokens for ABSOLUTELY FREE. You need to at least have NOAHP coins, then you can deposit your NOAHP coins in the UNISWAP dApp. To do that, you need to spend some time and have sufficient knowledge. The conclusion – NOAHARK itself has no price. At the same time, some cost is required to be able to get it.

Why DeFi mining is so important for the Noah Ecosystem

Please, pay attention to the results of these votes:

  1. Noah citizenship income reduced by 95% 
  2. Delegation profitability will be reduced to motivate holders to start staking on other blockchains
  3. “DeFi Yield Farming” and “Liquidity mining” launch for NOAHP on Ethereum

The mission of “NOAH`s DeFi ARK and Q DeFi Rating” is to show you:

  • How you can earn Ethereum and Bitcoin profits by utilizing any of your NOAH coins: “NOAH.P”, “NOAH`s ARK”, “QDAO Governance token”, “Q DeFi Rating token”.
  • How your NOAHP coins can be staked in a “Liquidity Pool” to enable you to earn fees from every transaction in this particular “Liquidity Pool”. The fee size from each transaction could be from 0.3% (on UNISWAP) to 10% (on BALANCER).
  • How your NOAHP coins can be staked as collateral, giving you the ability to get an annual profit of 10-20% APY in Ethereum. On Uniswap, Liquidity Providers get 13%-19% of annual yield.
  • What DeFi is and how to distinguish good projects from bad ones.
  • How to SAFELY earn YIELD on your idle assets.
  • How to conduct YIELD FARMING in trusted DeFi projects.
  • How to choose the most profitable staking opportunities in DeFi by using the ROI analytics tool “Q DeFi Rating”.

We want our community to succeed, so along with DeFi Yield Farming introductions, we’ve launched a series of educational guides on liquidity mining.

Our mission is to make the Noah Ecosystem a prosperous place and we sincerely believe that DeFi Farming is the way to success. Stake your NOAHP and NOAHARK tokens and start earning big today!


  • We are launching a new service for NOAHARK token mining.
  • To farm NOAHARK, you need to stake assets in Balancer’s liquidity pools.
  • Two pools are taking part in our program:  NOAHP-ETH and QDAO-NOAHP.
  • You will get NOAHARK only after staking LP’s in our new service.
  • Don’t sell your NOAHP, sell it in 2022 once it grows in price. It’s better to stake it in DeFi protocols.
  • When you provide assets to pools of decentralized exchanges, you’ll receive fees from all the trades in this particular pool.
  • Balancer is the only platform available for liquidity provision at the moment.
  • The main UTILITY of NOAHARK token is to pay for the subscription and annual fee of a service called “NOAH`s Ark and Q DeFi Rating”.
  • The beta-test of farming is in progress, you can stake up to the equivalent of 20,000 JPY.
  • If you do not understand what we are saying here and you don’t have a crypto wallet yet, please read our guides – they’re made for your benefit.

You can always find all our updates first-hand, just follow these links:

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