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All stations ready for the first NFT passport deliveries!

All stations ready for the first NFT passport deliveries!

The Noah team is overjoyed to announce that the first NFT passport deliveries are on the way!

We decided to keep up with the crypto trends and send the NFT version of our passports to all our holders.

NFT enables the creation and ownership of unique digital items and collectibles. NTF ownership bestows rights to both physical and non-physical objects or benefits. 

How will the delivery happen?

The deliveries will take place on ETH addresses. That’s why to receive your passport, you should follow a few simple rules.

  1. To get the new NFT passport, write to @John_Forbes in Telegram and send him your  Ethereum address (you can’t write your NFT address twice).
  2. It is very important that the ETH address is not the same one you use on the exchange.
  3. If you didn’t apply for a physical passport, it is better to do that beforehand. Here’s the manual explaining how to do it.

Why are the new passports important?

The Noah team advises you to get the new passport as soon as possible as having it entitles you to a lot of new opportunities, benefits and bonuses on the Noah platform. Moreover, Noah City will soon be transformed into a DeFi city, where the new NFT passport will be your guarantee of entrance into a fantastic new digital world!

The distribution of Noah NFT passports is another way to show that we are not only striving to support our community but that we also want to keep up with all the industry trends and get out ahead of them. We do hope that this distribution will be the next step in the strong bridge bond we are building between the company and its holders’ – Noah Project Management Team. 

Noah Blockchain ecosystem channels:

Telegram for the English speaking community.

Telegram, LINE or LINE OPEN CHAT for the Japanese speaking community.