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Noah Payment Card top-up fees to be reduced

Noah Payment Card top-up fees to be reduced

Dear Noahians, 

We’re happy to announce a reduction in Noah Payment Card fees! They will soon be much lower than they are now.

You might already know that Noah Payment Cards is a unique way to use crypto assets for daily needs. Yes indeed! Our cards are issued by Waletto Lithuanian in partnership with B-I-G.PRO (Embily, TTMBANK trademarks) – proven players in the market. You can easily top-up your balance using BTC, ETH, USDT and USDT (Omni). Learn more about Noah Payment Cards here.

Furthermore, we’ve created a versatile way to use crypto on the internet through a virtual Noah Payment Card. Find out what that is here.

Our team is always looking for new ways to offer better conditions and opportunities to Noah Payment Card holders. This time, we’ve found a way to reduce the top-up fees from 4.5% (standard card) and 3% (premium card) to 2.25% and 1.5%, respectively. That’s a half price reduction!

Going forward, the fees will be:

  • Top-up fee – 2.25%
  • Top-up fee for metallic premium cards – 1.5%
  • Card monthly fee – €2.00
  • ATM Balance Enquiry – €1.00
  • ATM disbursement (cash withdrawal) – 1.50 EUR + 2% 
  • POS transaction successful – €0.25
  • Card to card transfer – €2.00
  • FX (Foreign Transaction Fee) – 1.5%
  • Card activation fee – €0.00

The limits will remain the same:

  • Maximum card balance – €5,000*
  • Online shopping (e-commerce) daily/monthly limit – €2,500 / €5,000
  • POS-terminal shopping daily/monthly limit – €2,500 / €5,000
  • ATM cash withdrawal daily/monthly limit – €500 / €2,500

* You can top your card up by any amount, even if it exceeds the maximum limit. The surplus funds will be credited to ‘pending balance’ and will be transferred to the ‘active balance’ as and when money is spent.

If you have any questions, suggestions or simply need help, you can always contact our support managers via Telegram: @NoahCardSupport

We hope you liked this update as we have no intention of stopping development. We will be improving Noah Payment Card services as much as possible. Keep an eye on future updates!

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