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Noah Project Update #49

Noah Project Update #49

It has been a while since our last article with updates. But now we’re back with a lot of crucial news! As you all know, Noah City is moving towards the launch of new DeFi products and the Longevity platform. We’re working actively to achieve this and are ready to share some of our recent results. Check out all of the updates below!

Physical passports

A new batch of 125 passports has been prepared and printed. We will send these passports out to Noah Citizens.

Longevity platform Whitepaper

Work is underway on the Whitepaper for the new platform dedicated to Public Goods, Longevity and NFT patents. We will start posting parts of the WP on the blog shortly.

The new Noah City design

We are actively working on the new Noah City website design. Noah DAO has chosen the #1 concept through its voting process. Now, we’re developing this new design.

Noah DAO votes

We are developing the tokenomics for the new platform and agreeing on the main parameters through the Noah DAO voting mechanism. Several votes on this topic will be launched in the near future.

Knowledge sharing

Every day in our Telegram channels, we are introducing you to how the Longevity platform will work, what a Fair Launch is, etc. If you missed any of the posts, you can always check out the combined publications in our blog.

Noah Launchpad development

The first version of the smart contract for Noah Launchpad has been fully developed. In the 4th quarter, we will be able to present our new application to you for testing. The first version will require NOAHP staking for participation. For the next versions, we are considering adding an allocation multiplier that ties into people’s Noah Citizenship level.

Roadmap updates

Round-the-clock development of new products and big changes within the Noah DAO have led to substantial updates of the Roadmap. Soon, we will present a new Roadmap on the Noah City landing page. 

Fresh live-stream

During a live-stream, Anton Dziatkovskiy shared details about the Profit-sharing system, the deflationary burning mechanism and the new system of user rewards that we plan to implement. Everyone will be able to contribute to Noah Ecosystem’s development and receive a reward.

Noah Blockchain

A vote on the future of Noah Blockchain has recently ended. Noah DAO decided to suspend the development process. 

We’re constantly developing new products and improving the current ones. Our team is doing its best to bring success to Noah City but we need the help of every Noah DAO member. Stay tuned for more updates!

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