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NOAHP on CoinTiger is all lined up!

NOAHP on CoinTiger is all lined up!

The Noah project team is delighted to announce the next listing on CoinTiger, one of the most respected exchanges!

To date, we have worked hard to list NOAHP coin on new exchanges. This is a long and sometimes exhausting process, but that won’t stop us. Listings on new exchanges will open the Noah community to new markets and has the power to raise NOAHP’s price.

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What is CoinTiger?

CoinTiger is a digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Singapore. The platform has an app available for devices with mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS. It has low trading fees (0.15% for takers and 0.8% for makers) and good security, with a two-factor authentication (2FA) process.

What are the benefits of NOAHP ERC-20?

NOAHP is a unique coin that is connected to the ecosystem of the NOAH decentralized state, the only state that pays taxes to its citizens.

In September 2020, Noah Project announced the reissuing of NOAHP on the ERC-20 standard.

The new ERC-20 compatible NOAHP coin cancels the need to implement the Noah Blockchain protocol. Hence, any user is able to list the native coin of the Noah project on any DEX in the market. 

In case you have not yet converted your NOAHP into the compatible ERC-20 form, we’ve prepared a detailed manual. 

We deeply respect the attention that the crypto community is paying to our project and NOAHP in particular. The Noah Project management team is delighted to spread the word about NOAHP and to make it one of the most useful coins in the crypto world!