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NOAHP to be listed on Coinsbit on 19th January

NOAHP to be listed on Coinsbit on 19th January

Noah Project just keeps on developing and now it’s time for the next step in our improvements plan. 

The last two weeks of December were very exciting for us as we charted a development path for the Noah project. The plans include:

  • Noah’s DeFi Ark – the all-in-one aggregator of Decentralized Finance projects.
  • QDAO DeFi’s partnership with a Swiss company to take QDAO DeFi to another level of success.
  • New listings of NOAHP on different exchanges.
  • A valuable vote for Noah citizens. 

And many more changes to come!

It is important for us to get listed on well respected exchanges as it means  the acknowledgement of the crypto community and a geographical expansion for us. Each new listing is another step in the Noah Project popularization strategy. 

The next stop is Coinsbit!

What is Coinsbit?

Coinsbit is a secure cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia. It is very much oriented towards user privacy. One doesn’t need to show a credit history to open an account. 

Coinsbit provides businesses and individual traders with low commissions, multi-support, strong security and an open API.

What are the benefits of NOAHP ERC-20?

In September 2020, Noah Project announced the reissuing of NOAHP in the ERC-20 compatible form.

The creation of the ERC-20 compatible NOAHP coin cancels the need for the implementation of the Noah Blockchain protocol. Thus, any user is able to list the native coin of Noah Project on any DEX in the market. 

In case you have not yet converted your NOAHP into the compatible ERC-20 form, we’ve prepared a detailed manual. 

We do believe that the listing process helps to empower NOAHP holders with new privileges and benefits, as well as opening up opportunities to safely trade crypto with people from all over the world!

Noah Blockchain ecosystem:

Telegram for the English speaking community.

Telegram, LINE or LINE OPEN CHAT for the Japanese speaking community.