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The NOAHP expansion continues: conquering CoinMarketCap!

The NOAHP expansion continues: conquering CoinMarketCap!

Incredible spring news  – NOAHP ERC-20 coin has been listed on CoinMarketCap! This is a great achievement for the whole Noah community. We’ve all worked hard to make this possible! NOAHP is available on CMC starting from 8 of April via  

The road to CoinMarketCap

It was a long road for NOAHP and a huge amount of work:

  1. We had a complex negotiation process.
  2. We have prepared and provided all the necessary technical documentation in accordance with the CMC requirements.
  3. One of the requirements was listing of NOAHP on big exchanges, so we did a series of listings on DEXes: Balancer, Mooniswap and Uniswap  and CEXes: DigiFinex, CoinTiger, CoinsBit! Moreover, we partnered with SpaceSwap to make NOAHP even more valuable.   
  4. The BTCNEXT Exchange listing also influenced the final decision of CoinMarketCap.

The old NOAH coin was listed on CoinMarketCap and put an incredible effort to add the more successful and widely used version of it onboard. It’s time for NOAHP ERC-20 to seize the initiative and spread the word about the Noah Project!

Why CMC listing is so important

CoinMarketCap is the world’s most-trusted cryptocurrency data authority. All the best crypto assets are listed there. The site gathers over 50,000,000 visits every month and this means 50 million potential new Noah Project users.

We have a detailed plan for NOAHP and will keep following it! The CoinMarketCap listing is an important step but i’s not the last one. We will make NOAHP the king and bring the Noah Project to global success! 

Noah Project ecosystem: